Concurrency Reliance Lab (Kono Lab.)

Research Fields

In a concurrency reliance “from the bottom to the top of a computer program” to study in the standpoint. Emphasis on programming skills, experience in coding, upstream design methodology, project management, I think it’s important to be hands-on experience with a library and documentation.

Topics of research include those that are below.

Programming language to describe state facing developing CbC
Function calls in C language for statement and while statements to eliminate the unit state (code) to develop a language I can describe to handle them.

Development of large-scale network infrastructure of the game
Board has developed a communications network game users can participate millions. Rather than the traditional client-server, instead of video game consoles, PC and aims to achieve using agents to communicate with them on game processing.

UDP communication library for low-level “Suci” development.
UDP by adding reliability by allowing users to control congestion control and flow control, the conventional TCP communications library aims to develop faster than.

Studies program verification using temporal logic
In this laboratory experiment that provides Information Technology targeted for the third year the department can be selected in three or four “PlayStation2 Linux for game development” has been performed. Games and games made by students or lab This course was developed as a demonstration on display at festivals and fairs and multimedia industries. In addition, this year also started GameBoy Advance game development.

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