Natural Energy and New Energy Lab. (Tamaki Lab.)

NEO means Natural Energy Observation & New Energy Operation
(renewable energy measurement) (New Energy Control).

In recent years, global warming, extreme weather events, desertification, depletion of water, and even cold weather, with global environmental problems. The major factor has become clear that the greenhouse gas emitted during the production of energy.
To produce clean energy that does not emit greenhouse gases is one solution and that using natural energy such as wind and solar power. The future, renewable energy, power and transportation link for the development of electric vehicles, distributed power in the region, and even for agricultural use and power in remote islands and island regions, is expected to be introduced in various fields Can be.
Now, in order to operate the power system monitoring the operation of distributed autonomous region is the essential technology remote control system over the network. In our laboratory, technology and environment-friendly use of natural energy-based information network, and conducts research on meteorological and environmental measurements.
In fact, installing a hybrid power system Tsuken Island, Okinawa using wind and solar, the data acquisition system operation, and start and stop the wireless LAN through an operating system capable of building a lab We are operating. In order to observe the predicted wind and rain area over intensive, we are the weather radar aircraft.