Signal Processing Lab (Asharif Lab.)

Research Fields

The digital signal processing devices using these 10 years, CD players from mobile phones and PHS, multi-channel digital TV, has shown to spread. Further, could the birth of a system of digital signal processing technology in various forms. Along with it has become increasingly important technology called digital signal processing. DSP signal processing laboratory for various application forms, doing research on digital signal processing.

Echo canceling
Echo canceling technology, which prevents the device causing the echo was picked up by the input electrical signal and audio output. Degradation of voice quality and echo through the walls and reflected offending audio signal output from the speaker, and echo would occur if the input signal is read by the output device. Doing research on building a system to prevent such a phenomenon.

Noise canceling
The noise generated in various situations (noise), sampling, analysis and generation of phase signals, such as building a set of system output, which conducts research on human hearing so that hearing. Noise signals picked up by a microphone, make a reverse phase signal on the signal is intended to remove noise from the speaker output.

Image processing
Imaging studies, the new imaging system to separate the luminance component and reflected component in grayscale using Homomorphic processing system, which conducts research aimed to extract the shadow image.

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