Department Overview

In the age of Information Society. Computer technology plays an important role in every field of study. Multi-media related industry is promoted as leading technology of Okinawa in 21st century.

Our department contains Computer Systems and Intelligent Systems. Where students can study a unique combination of practical system and complex intelligence. There are six educational courses:

Computer System Engineering. Information and Communication. Software Engineering. Intelligent Information Processing. Artifical Intelligence and Intelligent Control.

During studying special courses, students develop their own activity and creativity. Especially, each freshman can use own personal computer to study the usage of computers practically. The sophomore students have seminars with working professionals. Most of seminars are discussions and writing, and all provide opportunities for individual expression and intellectual exploration. In the 3rd year, students have one year projects to implement the real products of VLSI design,Robotics, Multi-media entertainment or Medical information processing. Gigabit network of this factuly is a center of network research in Okinawa. We also provide general culture course during 4 years of education to develop the knowledge in more general area. Our Giga-bit network is in center of the network research of Okinawa.