Dongshik KANG

Faculty: Faculty of Engineering Department of Information
EngineeringPosition: Associate Professor


Research Field
  1. Intelligent Informatics
Research Career
  • Research Career
    1. 2005 – , University of the Ryukyus, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Information Engineering, Information Systems, Associate Professor


  • Articles
    1. Making a tourist route corresponding to diverse sightseeing styles
      , ITC-CSCC 2009 2009(Jul.)
      Author:Kouta Uejyou, Dongshik Kang, Hayao Miyagi
    2. A Tabu Search Approach combined with An Extended Saving Method for Multi-depot Vehicle Routing Problems with Time Windows
      , International Journal of Biomedical Soft Computing and Human Sciences 2008(Jan.)
      Author:Hiroshi Tamashiro, Morikazu Nakamura, Takeo Okazaki, Donghik Kang
    3. Inferring Japanese Onyomi from Chinese Kanji Pronunciation using Fuzzy Relation Equations
      , International Information Institute 2006(Oct.)
      Author:Yiping Fan Pogue, Dongshik Kang, Hayao Miyagi
    4. ファジィ最適観光経路問題
      , 電気学会論文誌C部門誌 2005(Aug.)
      Author:松田善臣, 名嘉村盛和, 姜東植, 宮城隼夫
    5. Neuro-Fuzzy Classification of Fatigue Bill by The Similarity Grade of Acoustic Signal, International Information Institute 2005(May)
      Author:Dongshik Kang, Kazuyoshi Ohyama, Hayao Miyagi
    6. Remote Sensing for Monitoring Coral Reefs using High Resolution Satellite Imagery
      , International Information Institute 2004(Apr.)
      Author:D.S. Kang, S. Omatu, M. Yoshioka
    7. Construction of Graph-Structured GIS Road Map Using High-Resolution Satellite Image
      , International Information Institute , 7 2004(Mar.)
      Author:Md. Shahid Uz Zaman, Yen Wei Chen, Xiang-Yan Zeng, Dongshik Kang, Hayao Miyagi
    8. Fast Neuro-Classification of The New and Used Bills Using Spectral Patterns of Acoustic Data
      , 4(1):12-17 2000(Mar.)
      Author:D.S. Kang, S. Omatu
    9. New and Used Bills Classification Using Neural
      , IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences , 82-A(8):1511-1526 1999(Mar.)
      Author:D.S. Kang, S. Omatu, M. Yoshioka


Address: 1 Senbaru,Nishihara,Okinawa

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