Complex Lab (Yamada Lab.)

Research Fields

We are developing the robots can also be seen in the sea Ophiuroidea of Okinawa. Aims to build a computer controlled by a group of programs called agents to the organization and function of complex phenomena in nature. Systems in nature came under selection by interaction with the environment, the intelligence higher as Ophiuroidea sea to allow the complex behavior even though you do not have, from robotics programs and we have created yet Has a simple despite the advanced features. I am human, software, robots, each generated from the interaction among environmental “knowledge”and”body” to focus on adaptation of robots and software agents, to discuss improving learning ability.

Robots come in the near future in a society, teach a robot how things, how to make use of robots, and will be tackling the question of how to keep company with the robot. It is ultimately the robots through human interaction, would be a man or his research.

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