ComplexLab (Toma Lab.)

Research Fields
Sometimes it is made of a new laboratory in 2005, those results and say there is no laboratory itself.
But, I belonged to complex laboratory(Endo,Yamada Lab). so I’m interested in keywords about relevant to complex systems engineering and artificial intelligence artificial life.

That said, it’s best to enjoy yourself if you think about research topics. If you want to have a theme a little earlier, from a survey about it, do it together. In particular there is no hope for students, and themes to choose from at the moment I have in mind, we decided the theme will be interested by keyword through the basics seminar

Research Fields

  1. Intelligent processing of WWW content
  2. Asynchronous CA design and its potential
  3. About how to share a sense of the world through computers and communication
  4. Through japanese “IGO” the modeling of intelligent behavior

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