Distributed autonomous system Lab (Nakamura Lab.)

Research Field

Focusing on studying the optimization and parallel distributed processing. The optimization calculation is performed as a tool for mathematical optimization meta-heuristics is a recent technology. In order to solve the problem PC is a large research and development of computational methods using cluster and distributed computing resources on the network. Network analysis, mainly scheduling problems, but solving the problem and optimal design, production systems as application areas, geographic information systems, computer networks, LSI and optimization, extensive.

Also begun research on bioinformatics recent high profile. Advice on pharmaceutical research in collaboration with biologists who actually. Biology Laboratory (Uettorabo) to organize the data obtained in control, and process analysis. Many problems in bioinformatics analysis of the discrete optimization problem can be described as massive, parallel and distributed processing technologies are available and have been studying the optimization so far. Currently, DNA from the problem of finding a sequence phylogenetic tree of life, and to challenge the problem of finding gene regulatory networks from gene expression information.

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