Fault Tolerance System Lab (Yoshida Lab.)

Research Fields
Our laboratory is conducting research on various computer hardware. Modern computers a decade ago and has become ridiculously low cost and incomparable performance.
However, users hope always “than the ones today, and inexpensive high-performance products, ” . To satisfy these requirements an endless, we are working on research from two perspectives.

Architecture for High-Performance
The CPU is the heart of your computer is configured by combining a variety of techniques for fast processing software.
Such acceleration technologies, for example, pipelining, Hyper-Threading technology, and a hybrid branch prediction. In our laboratory, by improving these techniques, we aim to further speed up your computer.

Architecture for Reliable
Computer is a precision machine. It will break easily with rough handling. However, even if carefully handled, may lead to failure. Computer technology is difficult to achieve fault, multiplexing, retry, and rollback process.
However, to adopt these technologies, the computer would become more expensive. In our laboratory, by improving these techniques, we aim to provide reliable low-cost computers.

Homepage(Japanese): http://www.fts.ie.u-ryukyu.ac.jp/