Inteligence Information Processing Technology Lab (Takara Lab.)

Research fields

Our research is applied to speech processing has been studied for the conversation in a natural way humans and machines. Recent research topics are・・・

Speech recognition system to evolve: Spoken language to acquire knowledge of the language from scratch, I make automatic speech recognition system will evolve yourself smarter.

Imitation speech synthesis system: Sentence a person to mimic speech, speech synthesis system to make it and speak in a similar intonation.

Homemade synthesizer sounds:Pitch, size and sound in many ways to edit the sound, “homemade” will. The natural world is making this sound does not occur.

Shell-Speech System: In this laboratory, a number of languages and dialect, has developed a program that can easily be made and sound systems of languages can be synthesized even lost. This is now improved, to what the system can be developed in high school students.

Our Homepage:

☆In addition, the laboratory, the number of words automatic speech recognition systems, interactive voice analysis and synthesis systems, and electronic dictionaries Okinawa, there is a system created by seniors, you can try to touch it, lab (room 712 )