Network Control Lab (Miyazato Lab.)

Research Fields
In order to solve various engineering problems that the world comes in handy because, in most cases, the target must be expressed mathematically in it. call this modeling work, the development of science and technology said a very important technology indispensable. In this laboratory, a variety of issues mainly in the fields of telecommunications, we are solved through studies based on data modeling.For example, the quality of communication on the Internet (the line speed and stability) in order to better the information network should be modeling. But the Internet is dynamic because of its size and various components Behavior is complex, it is not easy to model, is one of the unresolved problems that many researchers are working on now.
The radio has been used actively in recent years LAN satellite high speed internet upcoming commercialization, the technology required for the facility network infrastructure for island regions such as Okinawa, in order to improve the performance of their , of whether we like to convey the air waves which may be necessary to clarify the mechanism of propagation. That is the reason to model the wave propagation.
Elsewhere, in the current information society is to find some useful information from data has been conducted, it is useful effect. This technique is called data mining, which is also regarded as a kind of model, we are collaborating with companies in the prefecture.

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