Statistical Informatics Lab (Okazaki Lab.)

Research Fields

Research is the expression of mathematical models and various other events natural phenomenon of human behavior. inferred from survey data collected by such experiments and their relationship to extract the factors constituting the event. now Are studying the following topics.

Probabilistic model of genetic network inference
Dependencies between genes, DNA represented by the probabilistic model based on data from gene expression and microarray estimates Performs network.

Estimated distribution of groundwater
Based on limited direct observations, groundwater and meteorological data to predict the groundwater level measured at the point of non-satellite data to model the relationship. Create and diagram from the regional groundwater level prediction, enabling the simulation of a disaster.

Target classification with asymmetric relationship
Not a symmetric relation, such as the distance between the point on the map, we developed a method for determining the classification and relationship-based and travel time by plane or asymmetric trade volume between the countries.

Tourist information transmission quality of the content evaluation
Tourist information dissemination through Web content, such as building quality assessment method based on the standard user profile information purposes.