System LSI Design Lab.(Wada Lab.)

Research Fields

Mobile phones and wireless LAN, the current information society is an exaggeration to say that is supported by a large number of fundamental technologies to exchange information anytime, anywhere is not. The FireWada laboratory is a research done by a comprehensive range of development from research on technology infrastructure, the basic technology behind wireless communications like this. more likely to work in partnership with companies have been working close to companies most Many are students.
In particular, digital broadcasting, wireless communications device-related processing algorithms such as mobile phones, digital and analog signal processing, digital system design to build up a level close to the real product and it’s part of a digital system KEY LSI semiconductor design to the area.
In recent years launched a venture company Naha “Company Magunadezainnetto”and “Toyota Central Research” in the system and receive terrestrial digital broadcasting mobile vehicle in conjunction with LSI (semiconductor) to research and development And particularly focused, but the results are being utilized in navigation systems and mobile phones.

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