ISO IEC 27402のドラフト(Cybersecurity — IoT security and privacy — Device baseline requirements)にて、IoTが定義されている。


internet of things


infrastructure of interconnected entities, people, systems and information resources together with services which processes and reacts to information from the physical world and virtual world

[SOURCE:ISO/IEC 20924:2021, 3.2.4]


IoT system

system providing functionalities of IoT

Note 1 to entry: IoT system is inclusive of IoT devices, IoT gateways, sensors, and actuators

[SOURCE:ISO/IEC 20924:2021, 3.2.9]

Note 2 to entry: Conventional IT devices such as smartphones and laptops can form part of an IoT system.

Note 3 to entry: IoT systems also include cloud and network connectivity.


IoT device

entity of an IoT system that interacts and communicates with the physical world through sensing or actuating

Note 1 to entry: An IoT device can be a sensor or an actuator

[SOURCE:ISO/IEC 20924:2021, 3.2.6]

Note 2 to entry: An IoT device, in this context, is an assembled device usable for its intended IoT functions without relying on being embedded or integrated into any other product.

Note 3 to entry: IoT devices generally interact via communication interfaces.