Main Research Topics

1- Acoustic Echo Canceling (AEC) in Teleconference Room & Radio Communications:
     Double-Talk AEC, Stereo AEC:
     Correlation LMS (CLMS) Algorithm, ECLMS, Frequency Domain ECLMS (FECLMS) Algorithm,
      Wavelet Domain CLMS (WCLMS) Algorithm  for Double-Talk Echo Canceling (DTEC).
      Frequency Bin Adaptive Filtering (FBAF) for Low Computational Complexity.

2- Room Acoustics:
    Impulse Response Study (Measurement & Estimation)
    Speech & Music & Silence Control in Room, Smart Acoustic Room (SAR),
    Mic. & Speaker arrays.

3- Active Noise Control:
    Duct Noise, Car Noises Control Algorithm.

4- Mobile Telephone Communications:
    Low Bit Rate Image Compression Enhancement Algorithm for Image-Phone.
    Environment Noise Canceling from Speech Signal:
    Two-Way Mics, Single Mic Noise Calceling (SMNC), Noise Suppresion via Speech / Idle detection
    (Spectral Estimation).

5-Digital Signal Processing (DSP):
   General topics, Hardware & Simulation, Digital Filter Design with Practical Consideration, Effect of Quantization   Noise of Tap on whole Filter Characteristics, FFT Algorithm Improvement, Adaptive Digital Filtering Algorithm  investigation (Time and Frequency Domain).

6-Digital Image and Video Processing:
    Human Eyes Charateristics, Shadow Identification,  Homomorphic System, Image Compression Algorithm:   Wavelet- Fractal-Model based, Face Recognition, Lips Recognition, Segmentation & Retrieval , Water  Marking Algorithm, Image Enhancement Algorithm, Image Restoration Algorithm (Blurred Image Restoration ),  TV Ghost Canceling Algorithm, Overlapped Images Separation by ICA or other algorithms, Restoration
by Fusion.

7- Digital Speech Processing:
     Acoustic Charateristics of Human Vocal System,
     Parametric Voice Coding, Pitch Detection, Formant Analysis, LPC,
     Voice/Unvoice, Speech / Silence Detection,    
     Homomorphic and Cepstral Signal Processing.

8-Virtual Reality:
   Generation of VR based on Image & Graphics in Real Time,
   Generation of Sound & Acoustic for VR.