Network Basics (CISCO Network Academy) 10/9

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Learning Network

   Theory and Practice
   Catch up the latest technology

lecture 10/10

Cisco Network Academy

   E-Learning Package (3 million yen for first year, 600,000 yen per year)
   Project Oriented
   Actual management of CISCO Routers
       (too specific for CISCO routers)
   Router's setting is command line driven, not GUI base.

Cisco Network Academy (local access only)

What is LAN, WAN, Internet?

Cable is LAN. Long Cable is WAN.

Network and Computer

Internet is combination of LAN and WAN.

More recent technology

LAN is no longer simple cables, but the model still works in LAN, WAN and Internet.

Single LAN is a cable, which can broadcast and collide.

Network Devices

  1. Point to Point (Cable)
  2. Bus Connection (One speaker at a time)
  3. Star Connection (Switch Technology)

What makes Network Local?

Broadcast Domain

Collision Domain

OSI 7 Layer

  Please, Do Not Throw Sausage Pizza Away
  Physical, Datalink, Network, Transport, Session, Presentation, Application

   First 3 layers ( Physical, Datalink, Network) are the network.
   Upper 4 layers are software architectures/computer.

Physical Layer


Datalink Layer

   NIC ( Network Interface Circuit)
   Ethernet Packet
   Ethernet Address

Network layer

   Internet Address

Network Domain

   Local Area Network and Wide Area Network


Switch, Bridge


Physical Layer and Cabling

   Category 5 cable


Network Design

Hierarchical Network Structure

Hosts and Networks

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