Distinctive Lectures


The typical format of programming classes is similar to English, where the emphasis is on learning grammar, often neglecting speaking skills. In contrast, our course focuses on understanding the target we want to achieve, being able to explain it in words, and then translating it into a programming language. To achieve this, we introduce a technique called “Pair Programming,” where two individuals work together. This approach naturally fosters communication, allowing both individuals to understand each other’s thoughts and work together. By learning to express processes and thoughts through this class structure, we aim to develop practical development skills that can be applied effectively. image

Project Design

Design is said to be 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, and the ability to come up with ideas is essential in determining a person’s value. In the Design Exercise, we cultivate ideation methods, strategic planning, and decision-making skills that lead to the best solutions for various challenges in the information industry through Project-Based Learning (PBL). This process encompasses a wide range, from designing software programs to creating commercial videos for the Intelligent Information Course. Students work on projects that involve determining user-friendly interfaces and how to appeal effectively. The class operates as a project from individual idea proposals to group policy decisions. Additionally, senior students participate as project managers, allowing students to learn management skills as well.

Check out the course introduction videos created by students through this lecture on the Intelligent Information Course YouTube Channel.

image Examples of past works

Operating System

Operating Systems (OS) are the technologies that support software like web services and smartphone apps. They provide Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that connect various services and applications to server programs, managing and controlling computer resources such as memory, CPU, network, and graphics. To learn the latest OS technologies, we use up-to-date English textbooks. Through practical assignments involving fundamental OS APIs, students gain proficiency in OS management. This course aims to provide a methodology for learning not just the latest technologies but also how to learn and try out upcoming new technologies actively. Students will learn to master their computers or servers, write software for them, and explore new technologies actively by acquiring methods to obtain the necessary information. This class is valuable for those aspiring to become IT professionals. image