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Equipment Rental Information

Welcome to the page providing information about the rental of PCs and peripheral devices.

For VM resources, guest wireless LAN, and temporary account requests, please refer to this page.

How to Apply for Equipment Rental in the Program

Here, we explain the procedure to borrow course equipment, such as MacBook, AC adapters, display conversion terminals, and tablet devices.

Guidelines for Course Equipment Rental

Eligibility for Rental

  1. Those belonging to the Department of Intelligent Information Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of the Ryukyus.
  2. Eligibility is subject to the appropriateness of the intended use and method.
  3. Approval by the Department of Intelligent Information Engineering is required.

Rental Procedure

Please fill in and submit the necessary documents to the rental staff. ※ Do not forget to obtain the approval seal of your supervising instructor during the submission.

Required Document※ (Requires Seal/Signature)

Rental Period

Normally, the rental period is short-term (within 1 month) in case of PC repairs and similar situations. For cases involving financial constraints, loss, transfer students, or other special circumstances, the rental period can be extended to long-term (within 6 months). ※ If the rental period extends beyond the long-term limit, renewal application is required every six months.

Handling of Late Returns

We will send reminders via email, phone, and through the supervising instructor. If you respond to the reminders, you can submit a new rental application form. If no response is received, we will contact the guarantor through the Department of Intelligent Information Engineering to discuss further actions.

Handling of Loss or Damage

In the event of loss or damage, immediately report to the Department of Intelligent Information Engineering and follow their instructions. You may be required to reimburse the cost of the damaged item or the actual repair expenses (please refer to the pledge form).


Free of charge

Rental and Return Location, and Rental Staff Contact

For any inquiries, please contact the rental staff. 【Weekdays 10:00-17:00】

After Borrowing

Create your account and use it accordingly. Basic initial setup has already been done. There are no software restrictions for data editing, app installation, etc. Hardware modifications or actions that may cause damage are prohibited. Please do not remove any stickers attached. ※ Xcode is pre-installed, but if you are unable to edit during updates, please delete Xcode once. ※ The MAC address required for wired LAN connection is already registered.

Return Procedure

Please return the equipment directly to the rental staff. If there are any operational abnormalities, be sure to report them promptly.