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Accreditation of Internships for Academic Credits

About Credit Approval TheFaculty of Engineering, Department of Engineering, Intelligent Information Course offers credit for on-the-job training and internships conducted during spring and summer vacations, provided that certain conditions are met. Please refer to internship page (campus account verification) for information on proven internship requests, etc. Reference information (FY2016) For reference information, the following is the procedure that was followed when teacher. Akamine was in charge of the program in FY2016. Basically, “the third-year academic advisor is in charge of the procedures including credit authorization,” so please inquire with your annual advisor for details.

On-campus jobs information.

  • Job information is available at News-ie.
  • You can also browse job listings and other information at the copy & printer room on the 5th floor of Building No. 1.
  • Please also use University of the Ryukyus Job Center for the latest job information and interview preparation information.
  • Other sites that are useful to register are listed below.

Employment Information Site


Useful Websites for Job Hunting

  • Gosetsu.com *Provides information about job-hunting events nationwide.