Course Information/Teaching License Course - Ryukyu University Faculty of Engineering, Department of Intelligent Information Systems / Graduate School of Engineering and Science, Information Engineering Program

This page provides information about the curriculum for the Intelligent Information Systems program and details for those seeking to obtain a teaching license.

Table of Contents

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Educational Goals

The educational goals for undergraduate and graduate students in this course can be found on this page.

Study Guide

The study guide for undergraduate students is available on this page. For the study guide for graduate students, please refer to the graduate school’s page.

Information on the Curriculum for the Intelligent Information Systems Course

Since the laboratory assignments and graduation research registration requirements vary by academic year, please refer to the student handbook, etc., for details. If you have any questions, please consult your year’s academic advisor.

Curriculum Plan for the Intelligent Information Systems Course

Please check the curriculum plan here.

Guide and Orientation Material for Obtaining a Teaching License

Academic Year R05

Academic Year R04

Academic Year R03

Academic Year R02

Academic Year H31

Academic Year H30

Academic Year H29

Academic Year H28

Academic Year H27

Academic Year H26