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What is the Installation Event?

The Installation & Setup workshop for MacOSX is conducted for new students of the Department of Intelligent Information Engineering. It covers the entire process from the initial setup of Mac to the installation of software used in lectures.

  • Materials used in the Installation Event Installation Event Materials

The above materials provide detailed information on the following:

Activities in the Installation Event ・Initial setup of macOS ・IP address application ・Mail account configuration ・Installation and configuration of Command Line Tools ・Installation and configuration of Homebrew ・Installation of miniconda ・Installation of mattermost

Wired Configuration (IP Address Application and Edy-ID Registration) To apply for an IP address and register Edy-ID, please visit this page. Edy-ID can be registered from the “User Information Update” section in LDAP information. Note: Edy-ID needs to be registered again every year. Configuration For configuration, please refer to the page on receiving mail.

Guide to Academic Studies The Guide to Academic Studies includes graduation requirements and compulsory subjects. Please refer to the guide for your specific academic year. Guide to Academic Studies (Undergraduate)

Timetable The timetable can be checked on this page.

Course Registration Course registration is done through the Academic Affairs Information System (external link).

  • For Those Obtaining a Teaching License If you are obtaining a teaching license, please refer to the “Guide to Acquiring Teacher’s License (High School - Information)” on this page.

Event Calendar (Academic Calendar) The event calendar contains information such as class registration periods and exam periods. It’s useful to bookmark it in your browser or import it into your calendar app for easy access to your schedule. For more details, please visit the Event Calendar page.

Security Policy The security policy for the Department of Intelligent Information Engineering is listed on this page.

Faculty of Engineering Safety Manual The Faculty of Engineering Safety Manual (PDF) contains information on the handling of experimental equipment, hygiene management, and emergency measures.

How to Use Each System

For instructions on how to use each system, please refer to the respective pages:

Using Campus Wi-Fi (Students) How to Configure Mail

Forwarding Emails from Gmail

Using Campus Network News (News-ie)

Receiving Updates via RSS

Using Printers About Web Server (urasoe) Accessing the Server (Shell) Guide to IP Application Usage Mercurial About Homebrew

System Usage Request

Please use the respective forms below to request system usage:

VM Resource Loan Request Form Guest Wi-Fi LAN Application Form Temporary Account Creation Request Form